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Nanoloy transformed
a fully scaled
plasma -printing
mature process

into a disruptive manufacturing technology that can bring about a paradigm shift in battery production

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Origins & Discovery

During the pandemic, two seasoned tech entrepreneurs joined forces to reconfigure

an industrial-scale plasma printer, already in industrial scale production, to produce high performance EV battery electrodes faster

and less expensively

They recognised that plasma printed electrodes could deliver a solvent and binder free production, leading to higher performance,

less expensive and environmentally friendly lithium-ion batteries

After three years of research and development, plasma printed samples have been tested by a leading German battery research institute

PEM Motion

PEM, in its initial analysis (released in August 2023), concluded that Nanoloy’s process has demonstrated general applicability for battery production, and Nanoloy’s disruptive technology can change the battery production process

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Core Values

Socially sustainable corporate operations

Low environmental impact products to serve the drive towards full electrification

Extensive transparent collaboration with like-minded partners

Innovation, through uncompromising hard work

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At Nanoloy, we are a team of both tech entrepreneurs and seasoned scientists, working together to push the boundaries of battery technology. Our dynamic collaboration ensures that our products are both innovative and practical, fulfilling the needs of the market today and in the future

Meet the Team

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